ALONE SuperNova EPS Surfboard (2019)

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ALONE SuperNova EPS Surfboard it is a high speed machine for small waves. It has a great performance in those sessions of small waves with little force and unattractive.

Designed with a wide profile and very low rocker to give speed in the slower sections of the wave. It has a slight curve in the tail rocker to increase its performance and increase maneuverability.

The Supernova generates speed from the take off and maintains it throughout the wave. It performs better as a Quad but can be surfed perfectly as a tri-fin when more control is needed.

Construction: EPS.

Wave Conditions: Summer and small waves.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced.

Fin configuration: Tri-Quad.

Fin system: FUTURES.

Fins: Not included.

Available at The Gallery Surf Shop.