DAKINE Front Foot Surf Traction Pad - Olive Camo

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Grip DAKINE Front Foot Surf Traction Pad is the best alternative to wax and offers even more grip for the front foot.

Its 6 pieces will allow you to attach it to your board according to your needs.

It has been made with Dakine Positraction material that guarantees optimal grip whether in icy or warm tropical waters.

It's 100% biodegradable and uses the best 3M adhesive to ensure it never comes off.

More information

How do I properly attach the surf traction pad to my board? Before eternalizing your new Dakine Surf Pad on your surfboard, you must carefully remove any dirt (sand, wax, etc.) from the surface. Next, you need to make sure where your feet are on the board so that the surf traction pad suits your surfing style. Now place the Dakine Surf Pad without removing the foil accordingly on the board and trace the outline with a pencil. Now you can peel off the foil and place the pad securely. Wait 24 hours and let's go!

product details

  • Dimensions (in cm): 46 x 39
  • Product characteristics
  • Dakine Positraction Material
  • Ecological foam (biodegradable foam)
  • 6 part pad
  • Cut out holes for good board feel
  • 3M® special adhesive for maximum durability

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