DHD Mini Twin II PU Surfboard - Green

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This DHD Mini Twin II Table is a model that emerged from the collaboration between the "Soul rider" Asher Pacey and the renowned shaper Darren Handley.

After the success of the Mini Twin, Asher and Darren have looked to design a new twin fin board that can complete the range. The Mini Twin II is designed to be surfed 2” shorter than the Mini Twin. It has a wider outline design, a shallower fish tail and 2 channels between the fins, which make the board livelier and perfect for summer waves.

The Mini Twin II although at first glance it looks like a board only for small waves, it is not uncommon to see Asher riding good sized waves with this model.


- Glazing: 4 x 4 x 4 Standard

- Rocker: low to medium

- Concave: Single to Double with V

- Carbon: Carbon reinforcements on the tail and fins

- Fin System: Twin Futures

- Tail: Swallow with channels


- Wave size: up to 1-1.5m

- Type of wave: Beach Break, Point Break and Reef Break.

- Level: all levels.

Fins: Not included

*Other measures consult.

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