FU WAX Summer-Cool Surfboard Wax

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FU WAX Summer-Cool Surfboard Wax for water temperatures between 19 and 22º C.

It all started in Brazil. Back in the 70s, when surfers like Fuad Mansur had to make their own surf wax. With the help of a group of chemists. Fuad worked for almost 20 years testing new ingredients and testing them in the water every day. That's when a melting point accident in the wax lab created the perfect formula. tested and finally approved.

FU WAX started to grow organically. building its reputation as the best wax in Brazil. It was around 2010, when the word spread to the world. and FU became the favorite wax of the best surfers in the WSL. Kelly Slater. Gabriel Medina. John John Florence. Philip Toledo. Jordy Smith are some of the names on that stellar list.

Nowadays FU WAX is exported to USA Japan. Australia. South Africa. Israel. Chili. Peru and has finally reached the old continent through Brands Co!

Available at The Gallery Surf Shop.